Letter: There is another side to the climate change debate

The following letter is in response to “Let’s listen to facts, not the ‘other side,'” an opinion article that ran in the Tuesday, April 1, issue of The Appalachian....

The following letter is in response to “Let’s listen to facts, not the ‘other side,'” an opinion article that ran in the Tuesday, April 1, issue of The Appalachian.

Climate change is a myth that has zero evidence. Humans have no affect on the environment.

Former Vice President Al Gore popularized this idea known as climate change. He originally called it global warming until he made a fool of himself. He was proven wrong when it was scientifically proven that at some parts of the world the temperate is getting colder not hotter. That is when he changed the incorrect name from global warming to climate change. The weather is not controlled by man, but rather God.

Around 6,000 years ago, give or take, God created the Heavens and the Earth. He created time, temperature, plants, animals, humans, oceans, land and everything else. Humans had no bearing on any of the things God created including the weather. We know this from a book in the Bible known as Genesis. Giving credit to humans for the weather is taking away the credit that God deserves.

He alone controls the universe. If God wants it to snow in Boone, it snows. If God wants it to be 65 degrees at night then the weather is 65 degrees. This is not complex math or science. It’s the law of ultimate physics. God is physics. He is the reason why we have gravity, dynamics and every other scientific observation.

Please remember that everybody does not share your opinion on climate change. Even though we are a tiny minority on campus, we still deserve to have a say in what is real or a myth.

Steven Hatley,
Senior accounting major

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