Opinion: Character mattered in the Denver debate

Katie Reule

Abbi Pittman

Katie ReuleWho would think that the 2012 Denver presidential debate would stir up more conversation about Big Bird than the actual policies being discussed?

I don’t know about you, but I found it rather hard to focus on the vague points being discussed over the debating skills of both Gov. Romney and President Barack Obama.

If I had to choose which candidate had the strongest skill set in the debating realm, my vote would go to Romney.

With the full understanding of the student body’s general disapproval of Romney and his politics, I present to you this proposal of why I think Romney stole the show last night.

First off, Romney struck a commanding stance looking directly at the audience and using a strong voice by which he ordered each of his points concisely. He remained actively involved in the debate for the entire time whereas Obama looked like he was waning about halfway through.

Secondly, while Obama was giving his speech, Romney devoted his attention to watching his opponent collecting all the facts that he quickly countered when his turn to speak arose.

Third, Romney made sure that he outlined what issues he would discuss first, gave speedy bullet point answers to questions with multiple facets and made sure that he appealed to the “small business” owners or the middle class, which seems to be the target audience of both candidates.

Now there could be more points made in favor of Romney and Obama, but allow me to point out some of the weaknesses I found within their presentations.

Obama is usually a strong speaker, a bit more cool and composed, but with last night’s debate he felt disconnected, distracted and honestly tired.

I’m not bashing the man for being tired, he has had four tough years, but when you are trying to capture my vote I want to see that you are passionate about your policies and are even willing to fight over the moderator to get the public completely informed on your stance.

I usually don’t like it when people interrupt each other, but last night Romney and Obama needed a bit of fire under their feet to show that they have a message to be sent out and it’s going to be heard right here and now.

Romney’s assertiveness and passion showed me that he won’t let anybody overshadow him and to me that translates into a determination to be a strong-willed, independent president ready to show his country that he will fight for us, for our beliefs and, more importantly, the protection of the United States.

And so my vote goes to Romney.

Reule, junior public relations and journalism major from Charlotte, is an opinion writer.