The Appalachian

The Appalachian Weekly News formerly ran under The Appalachian but is now separate. You can watch their archives here and new episodes on AppTV.

The Appalachian Weekly News, also known as AWN, is the only award-winning weekly news show broadcast in the High Country. The show is produced by AppTV. AWN was created in 2019 to serve Appalachian State University and the High Country each week through in-depth journalism and storytelling.

Season 3 – Spring 2020

Season 3 of the Appalachian Weekly News aired in Spring 2020. The show adapted quickly to aid the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic as staff have been reporting from their homes across the state. It features news anchors Katie Garceran, Xanayra Marin-Lopez, Anna Muckenfuss, Hadasa Rivera, and Grace Smith. Sports anchors Connor Davidson and Jayson James deliver their weekly report on Appalachian State Athletics. Correspondents Richard Barker, Justin Lundy, Sadie Maddock, John Park, and Saniye Wilson contributed reports from the field.

Season 2 – Fall 2019

Season 2 of the Appalachian Weekly News aired during the Fall of 2019. The show broadcast 11 weekly episodes with news anchors Christina Beals, Katie Garceran, Ian Objio, Anna Muckenfuss, and Xanayra Marin-Lopez. Sports anchors Connor Davidson and Matthew Cosgrove also reported on Appalachian State University athletics. Correspondents Dylan Austin, Moss Brennan, Christine Dudley, Rachel Greenland, Justin Lundy, Sadie Maddock, John Park, and Nora Smith all contributed reports from the field for this season.

Season 1 – Spring 2019

The Appalachian Weekly News premiered Season 1 during the Spring of 2019. The show broadcast 10 weekly episodes featuring news anchors Laird Davis, Faith Hatton, Anna Muckenfuss, Callie Walton, and sports with Hannah Moseley. Staff included Producer Natalie Broome, Assistant Director Saniye Wilson, with Floor Directors Mickey Hutchings and Sydney Spann.