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The Appalachian has been Appalachian State University’s student-run news publication since 1934. We publish a print publication and film a news broadcast weekly. We are the recipient of the ACP Pacemaker Award, the CMA Pinnacle Award and the NC College Media Association Best of Show award.

Our Mission:

The Appalachian, a student-run publication at Appalachian State University, strives to provide fair and accurate news for the campus community; to inform, entertain and create a forum for ideas; to provide on outlet for reader’s opinions; to be a champion for student, faculty, staff, and community interests; and to remain independent, exercise and insure its First Amendment rights.

Comment Policy:

The Appalachian welcomes comments on all stories published on Comments will not be censored as long as they do not violate our comment policy. 

A comment will violate policy if it contains: off-topic or inappropriate remarks using gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference or disabilities; personal attacks or threats against the writer or other commenters; derogatory terms, slurs or profanities that would not be appropriate for print publication; advertisements or other spam. 

Users who create a fake email and name will have their comment deleted. 

Comments are a space for thoughtful discussion of the content of the article and not a place for harassment or personal attacks. 

The Appalachian staff will try its best to be consistent when moderating comments.

If you have questions regarding comment policy please email [email protected]

Policy effective date: March 3, 2020.