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Letter to the Editor: Raise our Glass and Drinkwitz to Eliah

Op-Ed | August 23, 2019

Scott Satterfield leaving App State wasn’t surprising to many App Nation fans, but it still stung. Fans basked in the glory of three straight Sun Belt titles and an impressive 4-0 bowl record, not to mention the first Associated Press ranking in history. When the program hired Eliah Drinkwitz as the new head coach, I was thrilled. Many fans wondered about the new coach and his resume, but I firmly...

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The Tea: Jay Inslee is with it. Other candidates need to carry on his message

Tommy Mozier, Opinion Editor | August 23, 2019

He dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday, but Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s campaign platform deserves all of our attention. Inslee dedicated an entire presidential campaign to defeating climate change, but consistently polled at the bottom of the Democratic field.  Writer and Harvard doctoral candidate Clint Smith captured Inslee’s platform perfectly during the second Democratic...

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Letter to the editor: Why should students care what faculty get paid?

Op-Ed | February 28, 2019

Every now and then, leaders are suddenly reminded of the price they pay for disregarding those they claim to serve. They avoid eye contact and grow uneasy as their canned applause lines fall on stony silence. This is what we saw at the Feb. 25 special meeting of the Faculty Senate. (If you doubt this, check out the video recording on The Appalachian’s Facebook page). Chancellor Sheri Everts insinuated...

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Letter to the Editor: AppCards need to be valid voter identification

Op-Ed | February 22, 2019

For many of those who voted last November, they might remember one of the six constitutional amendments that was on the ballot: “Require Photo ID to Vote.” Fifty-three percent of Watauga County voted against this amendment.  Ultimately, however, 55 percent of the state voted to approve the amendment. In a lame duck special session of the state General Assembly, lawmakers drafted and passed...

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