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Letter to the Editor: App State Administration Are Failing All Of Us

Op-Ed | January 17, 2020

App State can no longer hide behind its reputation in sustainability. The Office of Sustainability manages and implements a wide range of initiatives that have been successful in many ways. The work done by OoS has been great and is an integral part of reducing greenhouse gases and making App State sustainable. Yet, compartmentalizing sustainability in the OoS limits App State’s ability to address...

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Caleb’s Concepts: App Sustainability

Caleb Garbuio | January 17, 2020

What constitutes a sustainable campus? Is it a university’s operating emissions, the curriculum or students? At App State, students, faculty and staff consider our operating emissions as the sole determinant for what constitutes sustainability. For example, the Faculty Senate unanimously passed a resolution Oct. 31 aiming for App State to adopt climate neutral practices by 2035. The faculty’s...

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Letter to the Editor: Get informed, and vote on campus

Op-Ed | October 28, 2019

It’s 2019, and the Municipal Elections are around the corner. The energy around a local election is not often as infectious as that of a presidential or a midterm. I am one of those people with clipboards on campus that registers students to vote. I know the question, “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” can become obnoxious after the 100th time, but with the election so close...

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Letter to the Editor: How We Define Well

Op-Ed | August 26, 2019

Happy first week of classes. You did it. Take a pause. Breathe. You’ve completed your first week of college, or maybe your last first week. This week came with hurdles, stress, good times, laughs, late buses, long textbook lines, the formation of new relationships, or the reconnection of past ones.  As we went from classes to activities to residence halls or apartments off-campus, there were...

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