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OPINION: Mining Wars to Right to Work Laws: The tradition of collectivization in Appalachia

Jackson Futch | September 15, 2021

The National Labor Relations Board decided there was enough tampering in the vote to unionize Amazon warehouses in Alabama to recommend a revote. In the statement given on Aug. 2 the NLRB cited several incidents of intimidation and attempts to discourage voting that significantly affected the outcome. These union-busting actions have come out through a series of interviews and court cases since the...

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OPINION: To bike or not to bike?

Juliette Warren | September 14, 2021

Boone has previously been called a cycling hub for the Boone Greenway, Viaduct Loop and various cycling events held throughout the summer. However, while recreational biking is a great option in the area, using a bike to get off-campus for more practical uses such as running errands and getting to jobs is often unsafe and inconvenient for cyclists, pedestrians and cars on the road. While there are...

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OPINION: Military recruitment doesn’t belong on campus

Ricky Barker, Columnist | September 9, 2021

There is an entrance that is often surrounded by signs and posters for the Armed Forces near the Roess Dining Hall. It attracts the eye, and you can’t help but look at them when passing by. These signs are advertising a recruitment office in the varsity gym, directly in the heart of campus. Recruitment through education systems is an old practice. In 1917, the Selective Service Act expanded the...

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OPINION: Labor shortage was necessary to increase campus dining wages

Nadine Jallal | September 7, 2021

As a record-breaking freshmen class moved on campus, Campus Dining seems to be operating at record-low capacities. McAlister’s Deli and Cascades in Plemmons Student Union and McAlister’s Select in Trivette are units that are currently closed. Although there are several campus dining units open, many have limited hours. For example, Trivette closes at 7 p.m., which is arguably the prime time for...

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OPINION: Airbnb in the High Country: A new form of gentrification

Jackson Futch | August 31, 2021

As homeless rates in America rise by 2.2%, cities try to face a new threat, short-term rentals. Companies, like the innovator Airbnb, let individuals rent out their private property as vacation spots for customers, much like a traditional hotel. However, this seemingly innocent and helpful tool for local property owners has a direct link to gentrification and the housing crisis in America.   The...

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OPINION: College Board gatekeeps higher ed

Ella Adams, Opinion Editor | August 24, 2021

Last fall, App State reported its largest ever incoming freshman class of 3,906 students. That’s about a 31% increase from 2011. The mountain school is growing quickly and becoming a more competitive university. The average GPA of last year’s freshmen was about 3.98. App State isn’t the only one becoming harder to get into. Any high school senior or college student will tell you how tricky the...

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Letter to the Editor: Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Denial: Is It Really Objective?

Hannah Cullen and Isabella King | July 15, 2021

In May of 2021, Nikole Hannah-Jones was hired as the Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, a position which up until her appointment has included tenure. But what was it that disqualified Hannah-Jones from receiving the honor of tenure? Was it the fact that she had a doctoral degree where previous tenured Knight Chairs...

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Letter to the Editor: Welcome to App

August 19, 2020

Did anyone have any of 2020 on their 2020 bingo card? A pandemic? Killer hornets? Nightly fireworks to no end? No? Me neither. But this is where we are — a pandemic, presidential election year, societal unrest — all while moving to Appalachian and starting classes. We are living in a time that, literally, is unparalleled. How do we navigate this, you may ask? Together. We are all in this together...

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