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OPINION: Seasonal showdown: Pumpkin vs. peppermint

Sophie Hughes, Opinion Writer | December 5, 2023

As the holiday season is approaching, and memories of the white-girl Starbucks meme haunt college girls far and wide, why not forget the stereotypes and enjoy the overpriced holiday treats?  When you think of holiday flavors two notes probably come to mind: pumpkin and peppermint. Though pumpkin spice got its plethora of publicity back in 2014, peppermint mocha was the first of the two available...

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OPINION: Christmas isn’t the same anymore

Emily Escobedo Ramirez, Opinion Writer | December 3, 2023

Coming back home from college is like being in a daydream. Returning to a place filled with familiar faces and landmarks while being older is an eerie experience. Especially during the holiday season, memories come back in full swing, leaving one with mixed emotions. As aging college students, it is unavoidable to be confronted with the reminder of growing up, and it can be a lot. With so much going...

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OPINION: The consequences of flat earthers

El Shedrick, Opinion Writer | December 1, 2023

The earth is round. This is not something that is up for debate. However, every semester speakers still return to campus to speak about how the earth is flat and try to convince students of this. Why go out of their way to spread misinformation on a college campus?  According to a survey done in 2021, 10% of people surveyed agreed that the earth is flat, not round. This is a pretty low percentage...

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OPINION: Campus needs more vending machines

El Shedrick, Opinion Writer | November 29, 2023

Imagine you are running late to class and you skip breakfast. You decide you will just get something to eat once on campus. You get to the building you have class in, and you attempt to get something from the vending machine before the start of class. In buildings like Smith-Wright, Lillie Shull Dougherty and DD Dougherty, this is seemingly not an option for students. Many students have to wake...

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OPINION: Art students deserve better

El Shedrick, Opinion Writer | November 27, 2023

It is always the art kids. First, in 2022, an art sculpture at Wey Hall was vandalized after a football game. Now, students are being forced to sit through construction noises during class, move heavy projects across campus and have class in old dorm rooms with limited space.  Instead of the university handling the issue and providing compensation for art students impacted by the construction,...

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OPINION: Thanksgiving etiquette 101

Bella Lantz, Opinion Writer | November 20, 2023

Thanksgiving is meant to be a joyous time when families can come together to enjoy quality time with one another. Although the food might be delicious, a lot of times the dinner conversations can make someone lose their appetite. In order to dine and not cause a full out war among the family, there are a few key rules to follow: #1 Forget politics Now, regardless of if someone is right or left...

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Letter to the Editor: The Healthy Minds Survey

Chris Hogan | October 5, 2023

As director of the Counseling & Psychological Services Center at App State, I think continuously about the ways our Counseling Center and our campus can continue to evolve resources to support our students’ mental health. Through my work in the Counseling Center, I hear the personal stories of both the challenges that our students experience and the resilience that has enabled them to get to...

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Letter to the Editor: App State needs complimentary evening parking

Beth Davison | August 28, 2023

In my capacity as both an employee of App State and a member of the Boone community, I am compelled to convey my deep concern regarding the recent modifications to the university's parking policy. Specifically, I find the removal of complimentary evening parking between 5-7 p.m. troubling. As someone who has programmed a lot of evening lectures and films, I know 6- 7 p.m. start times for evening...

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