Gary Johnson: Trust and Principles


The Appalachian Online


When I look at this year’s campaign cycle, I see the same ideas coming from two mouths. Both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump frighten me not only because of their checkered pasts, but also because they espouse the same static policies.

Under a Clinton or Trump presidency, I expect a continuation of the status quo. Wars in foreign countries between races, classes, genders and drugs will go on. Veterans will continue to be shunned and our budget will continue to be disregarded. Both of these candidates most certainly will rock the markets with their anti-free-trade proposals and perpetuate the cronyism that robbed so many people of their opportunity to succeed.

Our next president faces some of the most daunting challenges to date. America is in a pivotal place in history, and Gary Johnson has the experience to get things done with none of the baggage.

In New Mexico, he balanced the budget and oversaw a surge in new jobs. He served as a GOP governor in a deep blue state and pulled people together across the aisle to do the right thing. In his private life, he built two companies up from nothing into multi-million dollar firms, one of which was a legal marijuana retailer.

America’s next president must not only lead us through the next four years, but will also shape our Supreme Court for decades. I trust Johnson to appoint strict Constitutionalists who will not attempt to legislate from the bench.

I endorse Governor Johnson for America’s next president because he stands up for term limits, serious tax reform and will exercise restraint when it comes to our military. By ending the reign of career politicians, America can replace them with people that are fresh and trying to get things accomplished rather than worrying about their next re-election.

Johnson’s tax proposal, known as the FairTax, will shred that 80,000 page atrocity known as the US Tax Code. Federal taxes get replaced with a single consumption tax, while remaining roughly revenue neutral.

This means no more exemptions, no more loopholes and no more corporations or people, like Trump, getting away with not paying taxes for decades. When it comes to deploying our military, Johnson will use extreme caution. Instituting regime changes in foreign nations historically backfires on the United States and leaves us with nothing but an inflated budget and neglected veterans. Johnson wants the veterans we have now taken care of before we go out creating more.

At the Republican National Convention, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told the audience to “vote your conscience.”

It’s not surprising that the Trump-supporting amphitheater responded with boos and jeers.

Voting for Gary Johnson is voting with my conscience because of trust. Trust is such an important component in this election and, unlike the others, I believe Johnson when he speaks. His genuine attitude and his ability to admit a mistake is unparalleled.

At the Democratic National Convention, first lady Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.” The behavior of Clinton and Trump has been nothing short of juvenile. The standard that the first lady established for her candidate has been unabashedly unmet. I don’t want to stop Clinton or Trump. I want to elect Gary Johnson to the highest office in the land.

This will be the first presidential election I will be eligible to vote in; I flat out refuse to waste my vote on the lesser of two evils. It is imperative that I cast my vote for the person who will lead this country and uphold the Constitution. I am proud to vote for the honest Governor Johnson on Nov. 8.

Story by: Grant Jeffrey, Junior History Major