Stouffer’s reigns superior


Lee Sanderlin

Stouffer’s is the greatest macaroni and cheese on the planet and I don’t care what you say. Sure, there are other mac and cheeses in the world, but let’s not even pretend that they’re in the same league as Stouffer’s. I’m talking to the people that even find it worth defending mac and cheese brands like Velveeta and Annie’s.

Although I shouldn’t have to explain why Stouffer’s is so great, I will.

First off, there’s no prep time. Take it out of your freezer, pop that bad boy into the microwave and bang, it’s time to get down with some delicious cheese covered macaroni noodles. Every other mac and cheese requires you to add water, or to boil noodles. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Stouffer’s is also king in the taste department. Velveeta is just weird. You squeeze the cheese out of a tube and it looks like something that could survive a trip to space. Once it’s all prepared you realize that you don’t really like how overly thick and cheesy it is and after three forks worth the remainder has found it’s way into your garbage disposal.

Now you have Annie’s. Look, Annie’s isn’t bad. It’s quite good actually and it doesn’t have any preservatives. But guess what, Stouffer’s tastes better and they don’t have any preservatives either, so take that Annie’s.

If we’re being honest the only real competition that Stouffer’s faces is the mac and cheese that your mom makes. The kind that’s made with love and baked in the oven. I won’t sit here and deny that my mom’s macaroni holds a special place in my heart, because it does.

However, when I get hungry I desire instant gratification. Sorry mom but I just can’t wait for you to get it together in the kitchen when all I crave is cheesy pasta goodness. Especially when I can have my delicious Stouffer’s in 10 minutes or less.

There’s something about eating Stouffer’s that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, like having someone compliment me or making my parents proud, except one of these is better than the rest. So, let’s raise all raise our forks to Stouffer’s for providing the world with a superior mac and cheese dish.

Lee Sanderlin is a junior advertising major from High Point, North Carolina.