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Rising to fall again

Lee Sanderlin  |  March 3 2016


Appalachian State basketball was directionless in 1975, having only won three games a season ago. At least that's how Bobby Cremins saw it when he arrived in Boone, North Carolina in 1975...

Five days on 'The Farm'

Laney Ruckstuhl  |  July 6 2015

I spent hours planning our lineup, making packing lists and shopping for camping supplies. But nothing could prepare me for the four days I would spend in Manchester, Tennessee on a farm, drenched in sweat, covered in dirt and singing my heart out.


It was my first year at Bonnaroo Music...

'Nothing else to run from'

Andrew Clausen  |  April 2 2015

The nerves begin to set in as show day arrives. The band practiced the day before to make sure they were tight and ready. They hang out and await the time to leave for the venue, something they’ll most likely be late for because they waited until the last minute to load up the cars with instruments and equipment.


Silencing the noise

Lovey Cooper  |  April 2 2015

During the Boone Town Council’s March 19 meeting regarding the town’s noise ordinance, Michael Hamilton, owner and operator of Boone Beats entertainment and sound engineering, measured decibel readings on his smartphone as calibrated to the Boone police readers during the meeting.


As participants filed into the chambers...


A representation of race

Michael Bragg  |  Feb 26 2015

At Appalachian State University, the community of students, faculty, staff and administrators commonly refer to themselves as a family that is there for support, encouragement and companionship.


But there is a small fraction of this family that often feels left out and sometimes generalized, stereotyped and neglected by other members of the...


Safety and security

Andrew Clausen  |  Feb 26 2015

A report comes over the radio that a possible unattended death has occurred on campus. University Police’s General Patrol responds, racing to the scene, likely arriving second only to the emergency responders. If a deceased individual is found, the scene goes into immediate lockdown. An officer is posted to stand guard over the scene, logging and recording everyone who goes in and out. Another is helping canvass the area.






Michael Bragg  |  Feb 3 2015

Right outside of the Student Development office, Cindy Wallace walks by a sizable list of student names every day.


As she scans the names mounted on a plaque on the first floor inside the B.B. Dougherty Administration Building, the vice chancellor skips randomly from name to name, pointing to a student she met once or knew very well. Wallace will say something she remembered about them, doing so with a nostalgic smile on her face as she remembers each student...


The state of the UNC system

Michael Bragg  |  May 3  2015

Budget cuts, state-wide criticism from public higher education faculty and an upcoming change in leadership are a few things associated with the image of the University of North Carolina system as of lately.


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