App Summer Festival to feature diverse lineup


Michael Bragg

Comedian Bill Cosby is one of many entertainers set for this year’s Appalachian Summer Festival. Photo courtesy of Erinn Cosby

The Appalachian Summer Festival will kick off its festivities June 24 and will last until July 28.

In the past, the festival has featured musicians, theater productions and film showcases.

The festival has been an annual event for the past 28 years, and was named one of the “Top Twenty Events in the Southeast” by the Southeast Tourism Society in 2011.

This summer’s festival includes The Doobie Brothers, Chicago and Creedence Clearwater Revisited with special guest Lee Brice and comedian Bill Cosby among others.

Cosby, who has been performing for over 50 years, will perform June 30 at 4 and 8 p.m. in Farthing Auditorium.

The Appalachian had the chance to talk with Cosby about his stand up comedy act, and what his performance will entail.

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Q&A With Bill Cosby:

The Appalachian: We’ve read that you have taken your comedy act around the country, but have you ever been to this part of it before?

Bill Cosby: I’m not sure. I’m telling you though, you better get ready. I give a performance and I tell stories. These stories are real and they’re funny, face-hurting funny.

TA: Do you think of material ahead of time, or do you just wing it?

BC: It’s impossible to just wing it. One starts out with a plan. There’s some stuff that I would never say or touch on unless I can make them smile, so I start out with a plan.

TA: Where does your material come from?

BC: My experiences. I write it, read it and perform it.

TA: You have had such a long career, what is the age range that you see at your shows?

BC: Last night, I was in Jacksonville, Fla. and I heard five or six babies crying and I also knew there was a 12- year-old there. You have the grandparent, parent, college kid relationship. It’s all mixed in.

TA: As a father and educator, do you have any advice for college kids?

BC: The word “entrepreneur” is important. Start it, do it. Don’t make a mistake and think about how it will circumvent. Study to know it all and build, build, build.

Story: MEGAN WRAPPE, Lifestyles Reporter