Appalachian State University updates 20/20 plan


The Appalachian Online

Carl Blankenship

In 2010 Appalachian State University released it’s updated plan for campus development  titled the Master Plan 20/20.

The March 2010 map available on lists a combination of 26 renovations, expansions and buildings.

The University’s website says “revisions prior to 2020 are possible,” and more than four years after the draft and map were put up on the website the trajectory of the plan has changed.

Notably, student residence building Winkler Hall was demolished earlier this year.

University Architect Carole Acquesta said the demolition rather than renovation of Winkler was the result of the projected renovation costs for the building being almost equivalent to building an entirely new building on the site.  Acquesta said progress on residential projects is good despite the setback caused by the demolition.

Acquesta said the university has also shifted priority to the planning and construction of the new Health Sciences building, which has received $5 million from the state legislature to fund part of the $8.2 million planning phase for the new building, said Susan McCracken, Director of External Affairs and Community Relations.

Acquesta said funds are raised for construction projects through the general fund of the state legislature, auxiliary services such as on-campus housing and dining halls, donations and student fees.

Acquesta said part of the university’s development is increased energy efficiency.

“We’ve made significant progress in energy efficiency across campus and in various buildings,” Acquesta said. “We call it an energy performance contract.”

The improved efficiency across the campus was not noted in the 2010 version of the plan, but is part of Appalachian’s commitment to sustainability.

Acquesta said the plan should be reevaluated and have revisions made within the next year.

There are now also plans to improve Sanford Mall that are not included in the currently published plan.

“It’s our only large, open space for students,” Acquesta said “We want to create an inviting and welcoming space and create a turf for Sanford Mall that will stand up to all the traffic.”

Story: Carl Blankenship, News Reporter