Appalachian student awarded honor society scholarship


The winner of the honors scholorship, Kayla Mounce.

Aidan Moyer

Kayla Mounce, a  sophomore sustainable development major at Appalachian State, was awarded a scholarship for her engagement in extracurricular activities.

Mounce received the society involvement scholarship from for her involvement with the extracurricular organizations “Collegians for Christ” and “Students on a Mission.”

Mounce was also on both the dean’s and chancellor’s list.

Michael Moradian, executive director of, said that it was Mounce’s extracurricular and academic achievement that set her apart from other applicants.

Moradian said that hopes Mounce will use the scholarship to maximize her academic, leadership and networking potential.

Mounce said that the scholarship will go towards paying for summer classes.

Mounce plans to go on to work for the Natural Resource Conservation Service as an Environmental Educator.

“I enjoy working with people and community members to lobby positive environmental practices,” Mounce said. “I am also interested in environmental education, I love working with all ages and sharing knowledge that I have obtained through my educational experiences.”

Story by: Aidan Moyer, News Reporter