Ball, progressive candidates come out strong in unofficial election results

Michael Bragg

Mayoral candidate Andy Ball pulled in the most votes with 1,066 Tuesday night as the unofficial election results were announced.

Ball will replace the incumbent mayor Loretta Clawson, who has been mayor of Boone for eight years.

Ball finished over John Mena with 502 votes, Brad Harmon with 150 votes and write-in candidate Jenny Church with 113 votes.

The Boone Town Council candidates that won the three available seats are Quint David with 1,028 votes, Rennie Brantz with 1,127 votes and Jennifer Peña with 1,126 votes. All three winners ran on a progressive platform.

“I feel so honored by the support and endorsement of Boone,” Ball said after the results were announced. “I look forward to continuing a legacy of strong progressive governance and preserving the quality of life for the townspeople of Boone.”

As he campaigned, Ball said he wanted to improve town and county relations as well as work against what he calls “voter suppression laws for students,” according to an article published in The Appalachian on Oct. 30.

David, who won a seat on the town council, said he is glad the election is over.

“Now’s our chance to bury our differences and move forward with addressing concerns,” David said. “I hope to bury hatchets and move forward with making Boone as great as it can be.”

Brantz had the highest number of votes for town council and has already served on the council for eight years.

“Its been a thrilling evening,” Brantz said. “I’m pleased to press forward with a progressive agenda for Boone.”

Story: LANEY RUCKSTUHL and JORDAN PIFER, Intern News Reporters