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Editor’s picks

The Appalachian Online

Halle Keighton

Photo Editor

“Divide” by Ed Sheeran 

The lyrics of every song on this album are beautiful. When I listen to this album, one minute I am dancing and the next minute I am crying.

“Worn Out Skin” by Annabelle’s Curse

If you don’t know the band Annabelle’s Curse I would highly recommend checking them out! This album is good quality alternative folk.

“Blue Neighborhood” by Troye Sivan 

This pop album has deep meaning. You can tell that a lot of hard and personal work was put into the sound and lyrics by this young artist.

“Beneath The Skin” by Of Monsters And Men 

If you like indie folk music this band is a classic and I love how this album has more of an electronic sound which is different.


Sydney Spann

Visual Managing Editor

“How To Be A Human Being” by Glass Animals

Every song sounds different and unique. Nothing monotonous and definitely a change of pace to what is on the pop charts, if you like pop.

“Acid Rap” by Chance the Rapper 

Chance the Rapper is my baby and every time I hear this album I can’t help but want to frolic. This album is the color yellow.

“Big Mess” by Grouplove 

I want to jump in a convertible car and drive around on the parkway while it is sunny and springtime because that is what this album feels like.

“Untitled Unmastered” by Kendrick Lamar  Anything that Kendrick creates makes you want to bump and also punch white people in the face. Including myself.


Sammy Hanf

News Editor

“Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” by Raekwon  

This album has a Trump diss in 1995 but is also far ahead of its time for its dense, hard-hitting storytelling.

“Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf 

 All of the songs are too long and it’s kind of like a much worse glam-styled Springsteen. Surprisingly decent to have sex to.

“Worry” by Jeff Rosenstock – Pop-punk music made by a guy who’s objectively too old to be doing that (34), unfortunately it’s also the most bitterly clever album of last year.

“Emergency and I” by Dismemberment Plan 

A Pitchfork writer described this album as “making love to my brain” in 1999 and probably doesn’t regret it at all for reasons I will charitably attribute to this album’s quality.


Maleek Loyd

Video Editor

“Restoration of an American Idol” by Taylor Bennett While combating the criticism of being too similar to his older brother Chance, Taylor Bennett steals the show with his clean flows and calm lyricism.

“Choose Your Weapon” by Hiatus Kaiyote Beautiful vocals, jazzy instrumentals; this album stands as a soulful masterpiece. So many feels that even Drake sampled it in his intro to “More Life”.

“Like What” EP by Tennyson 

Brother, sister duo creates magic with this experimental EP. With playful tunes using everyday sound bites and jazzy progressions, this EP will definitely make you smile.

“Pink Polo” EP by Masego x Medasin 

A saxophone playing vocalist teams up with an 18-year-old music producer to create a groovy series of jams that will make anyone dance.


Braxton Coats

Web Manager

“Homesick” by A Day to Remember 

Break  out that middle school yearbook and give “Homesick” a thorough listen.

“Life’s Not Out to Get You” by Neck Deep  Neck Deep gives us an amazing pop punk sound with some heavy hitting lyrics with very catchy guitar riffs. This album is a savior for those of us who don’t want pop punk to die.

“The Story So Far” by The Story So Far This album has all the right beats and is different on every song. Each track has its own appeal and will keep you coming back over and over again.

“Enema of the State” by blink-182 

A classic by the standards of the rest of my list, this is Blink at home. EOTS is so catchy, so fun and so angsty.


Jason Huber

Sports Editor

“The 20/20 Experience” by Justin Timberlake 

I’ve gotta admit, I’m a huge JT fan. Although nothing will ever top “Sexy Back,” the song “TKO” is hands down the best on this album.

“2014 Forest Hills Drive” by J. Cole 

Who doesn’t love J. Cole? From No Role Modelz to G.O.M.D, J. Cole has got everything in this album, apparently.

“Tha Carter lll” by Lil Wayne 

If you ever went to middle school, you will know this album. Can April 12 come any faster?

“Globalization” by Pitbull  

Pitbull is a love or hate type of artist. I’m a fan. The album will definitely give us, “The Time of Our Lives,” and is good for any party day or night.


Carl Blankenship

Editor- in- Chief

“The Money Store” by Death Grips 

 I hope my mom never reads this page.

“Watch the Stove” by Hamburger Helper 

Pushes sufficient kelvins to cook your casserole but not fire enough to change the game.

“Mista Thug Isolation” by Lil Ugly Mane Edgy A E S T H E T I C meme rap for the discerning soft-boy hipster. Excellent Madvillain-meets-Macintosh-Plus beat transitions with some lateral wordplay.

“Eat a Peach” by The Allman Brothers Band 

The most transcendent southern dad-jam music to exit Georgia on the back of someone’s untimely death.


Victoria Haynes

Chief Copy Editor

“BEYONCE” by Beyonce

If you ever want to bridge the gap between the mortal and the divine, then listen to this album, so you can have a little taste of the ambrosia that is “he like to call me peaches when we get this nasty.”

“Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac

The kind of album that I tell my dad I listen to when he asks about my taste in music. I love the album and it holds an important place in my heart, but mostly when I’m doing pointless homework or stuck in traffic on the way to Bojangles.

“Back On Top” by The Front Bottoms 

I’m filled with a lot of self-hatred and TFB really cater to that visceral need to self-deprecate.


They reference books you’ll never really want to read and sound like a mix of household kitchen items clanging together in harmony.


Katie Murawski

A&E Editor

“Pet Sounds” by The Beach Boys 

I’m thoroughly convinced that this is the album that plays after the world ends. My anthem is “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.”

“Lemonade” by Beyonce 

Hands Down, The Most Important Album Of 2016; poetic, emotional and the best album written by a woman of all time.

“The Painters” EP by Animal Collective  Features “Goalkeeper,” “Peacemaker,” “Kinda Bonkers” and a cover of Martha and the Vandellas’ “Jimmy Mack.” One word to describe it? Lit.

“Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd 

How to successfully listen to this album:

Step 1: Put on the record and don’t stop listening until you hear the last heartbeat of “Eclipse”

Step 2: Cry


Angelo Errico

Opinion Editor

“Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper 

Chance sang and rapped about his creator with so much emotion that any human being of any faith could feel something greater.

“Awaken My Love” by Childish Gambino 

It’s a funky, seventies inspired tribute to soul music, but here’s the kicker: it’s boring.

“Blonde” by Frank Ocean 

One of the most exciting albums of 2016. Authentic with high production quality.

“The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West 

The usual Kanye route, with great samples and different genres blended together, this time sometimes diving into gospel.


Aleah Warner

Managing Editor

“The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” by Pink Floyd 

While Pink Floyd has no shortage of amazing music, Syd Barrett’s only album with the band is a creepy masterpiece that helped define the genre of psychedelic rock.

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson 

Now I don’t have any hard data on this, but I’m pretty sure “Thriller” is the best album of all time.

“The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars” by David Bowie

In the words of my roommate, “How do you define David Bowie in such a small amount of words? You can’t define the magic.”

“The Dutchess” by Fergie

 If you don’t jam out when “Fergalicious” comes on the radio then I don’t want to know you.


Adrienne Fouts

Associate A&E Editor

“Person Pitch” by Panda Bear 

Weird, wonderful, ethereal. I still discover new things with each listen.

“Physical Graffiti” by Led Zeppelin

 This CD is always in my car. It showcases all sides of Led Zeppelin: blues, acoustic and pure rock and roll.

“Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Bruce Springsteen 

This album is totally Boss. I live by the “Badlands” line: “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive!”

“Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie 

Great for sentimental listening while driving at night. I also love how the last song fades into the first, making the album a constant loop.


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