Eleanor Wright & Brandon Schwartz: Disrupting the norm


Mericlaire Williams

Fashion gives Brandon Schwartz and Eleanor Wright room to tell stories about themselves.

Fashion distinguishes senior applied physics major Schwartz and junior cultural anthropology major Wright from the crowd when they add their own twists to basic outfits. 

Schwartz and Wright buy clothes and shoes for each other to create a collaborative closet. Even with sharing clothes, Schwartz and Wright find ways to create unique outfits. Schwartz adds his personal touch with hats, trench coats and abstract shirts. Each piece he finds has a story behind it like the Yin Yang beanie he found on the street, which quickly became a staple for all of his outfits.

“I think about where I’m going and what I know people aren’t going to be looking for or wearing,” Schwartz said about choosing his outfits.

While wearing formalwear for his physics presentations, Schwartz still finds ways to stand out. His attention to detail helps him add color and character to mundane formalwear. Wright takes the shared clothes and creates “preppy decided to be punk by thrifting” looks. Pins on collars are one way Wright dresses down formal outfits while adding their personal flair.

Wright takes Schwartz’s mindset of taking trendy styles and reconstructing them to stand out. They use their desired silhouette to structure their clothing. Wright transforms their silhouette with seamless collared shirts that elongate their torso and shoulder pads that broaden their shoulders.

Wright and Schwartz disrupt the norm of fashion wherever they go with their two approaches. Both of their styles are expressionistic, and when they get dressed for the day, they pay attention to the small details. Their shared clothes and contrasting styles show their solidarity in their approach to fashion.

“I can convey some sense of self to you through my fashion without having to divulge something deep,” Schwartz said.