Feminist Pride Day inclusive to all


Photo by Malik Rahili | The Appalachian

Nicole Caporaso

Feminist Pride Day was hosted by the Appalachian State University Women’s Center on Oct. 1, with the theme “Feminism is for Everybody,” held on Sanford Mall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Feminist Pride Day is an event to spread the message of what feminism really is, trying to help people understand that it’s not about tearing down different people,” said Bevin Robinson, a volunteer at the Women’s Center. “It’s about making everyone equal.”

Under the tent, buttons were sold for $1 and T-shirts for $5. The proceeds of the event benefit the Abigail Adams scholarship, a scholarship that is awarded each year to a nontraditional female student. Approximately $400, was raised.

“The scholarship is for women who might not be straight out of high school, they’re older, stuff like that,” Robinson said.

There was also information available to the public and an “I heart feminism” photo shoot.

Robinson said the purpose of the photo shoot gave people the opportunity to display why feminism is important to them.

Eli Farmer, a first-time Women’s Center volunteer, said he plans on volunteering with other events in the future.

“As a male I can use my male privilege to benefit the women’s movement,” Farmer said. “At the base level, all feminism is women wanting the same rights as men – what’s wrong with that?”

Farmer said the stigma surrounding feminism that it is “anti-men” is not true.

“I think people get hung up on that, but if people sit down and do maybe three seconds of research they’ll realize that’s not the case,” Farmer said.

Robinson said Feminist Pride Day is an important day to the Women’s Center.

“It helps to get our message out, people will understand that we’re here to help everybody and we’re here for benefitting everybody,” Robinson said. “We’re here to help students who may not have the funds to come to school.”

Story: Nicole Caporaso, News Reporter