Martin hopes to bring healthier food options to campus dining halls


Karolyn Martin, newly elected freshman senator for SGA.

Anna Muckenfuss, Appalachian Weekly News Producer

Karolyn Martin, philosophy major, was one of six freshmen elected to serve of the Student Government Association senate.

Martin said she plans to go to law school to represent actors on Broadway. She said she hopes to serve in the App State student government all four years of school.

“Student government at my high school was a lot different. It was all about planning events and pep rallies,” Martin said. “Student government here is more about serving the community.”

Martin said she hopes as a senator she will be able to address issues on campus, such as placing printers in all dorms and lowering the price of laundry.

“I know a lot of people have thought of the fact that doing laundry is extremely expensive for us,” Martin said. “I’ve also thought about doing common printing in all the dorms, that way when it is snowing students wouldn’t have to go all the way to the library.”

Laura Perrone, freshman nursing major and Martin’s roommate, said she found out Martin was running for senate the first week of school.

“App’s student government is more about politics so I think it is perfect for her. This is the real thing,” Perrone said. “I think Karolyn’s work will benefit people all around campus. I’m excited to see what she has to say and the things that she wants to make happen.”

Martin said she would also like to focus on having healthier food on campus through her own personal social media initiative called “Food for Thought.”

“I don’t feel like there are a lot of healthy options for food on campus,” Martin said. “‘Food for Thought’ focuses on teaching people to eat in a way that is sustainable and fuels their mind and body for success rather than worry about what you see in the mirror.”

Martin said that there are not enough healthy meal choices in the dining halls and vending machines for a healthier diet to be sustainable.

“I know a lot of people talk about the freshman 15 but then they come here and there’s not a lot of choices for that to be sustainable,” Martin said. “I think having wider meal choices in our dining halls and vending machines is the first step to take towards a healthier campus.”

Martin has used her “Food for Thought” platform in beauty pageants, and she plans to compete in the Miss America system for the first time next fall. Martin will be giving a talk on her platform in November at the local Rotary club.

“The Miss America organization is the largest scholarship provider for women in the world and allows women to gain so many wonderful skills,” Martin said. “Through these competitions, women gain confidence, poise, great leadership skills and a network of amazing women all over our country. Preparing for competition next fall has allowed me to learn so much about myself and my values.”

Christina Potter, freshman finance and banking major, said that Martin is motivated to do her best.

“She really listens to people and wants to do her best at everything, no matter what it is,” Potter said. “She’ll make the sacrifices and the compromises she has to make for legislation to pass. She’s not the type of person to just sit by, she’ll make sure that something is actually done because it impacts the lives of a lot of people.”

As a senator for SGA, Martin said she hopes students will know that she is a representative for them and for those who feel like they don’t have a voice.

“I think a lot of people don’t really know that the student government exists and doing these things for them, and they don’t know that their peers are a part of it,” Martin said. “I think a big thing that we can do is let people know that we’re here for them and that they have a voice and that they always have people advocating for them.”

Story by Anna Muckenfuss

Photo courtesy SGA

Featured photo caption: Karolyn Martin, newly elected freshman senator for SGA. Some of Martin’s goals are placing printers in all dorms and lowering the price of laundry.