Letter to the Editor: Campus voter registration


The Appalachian Online


In the last few weeks, we have spent a number of hours on the Appalachian campus registering students to vote in the midterm elections. As volunteers, we were given clipboards filled with forms and asked to approach students to verify their current voting status. As we concluded our assignment today, we marveled again that the students we encountered we exceptionally polite, friendly and receptive to two “little old ladies” asking them to vote!

While we know their parents would be proud of their responsiveness and courtesy, we are struck by their sincerity and commitment to the voting process. Many of them talked to us about their plans, their classes and their thoughts on the state of politics in our country. Millennials rock!

Not only do we want to compliment the App State students for their enthusiasm, but also want to say they have given us high hopes for the future. Thank you for the privilege of interacting with such a remarkable group. Now please go vote!

Submitted by: Joann Mitchell & Betty Howe