Move-in weekend increases revenue for local businesses

Anne Buie

Boone business owners saw an increase in revenue during the university’s move-in weekend.

Walmart’s manager Tracy Stilwell has been a manager for 13 years. 

Stilwell said his business does consistently better because of college students, however he does see an increase in business by approximately 25 to 30 percent.

To prepare for the increase, Stilwell said he does not increase the number of employees on staff, but instead he increases the schedule to take care of business.


“We usually plan about two months out,” Stilwell said. “We have to pre-plan everything that week. We have to pre-plan the back to college layout, just to make sure we’re ready for that busy weekend.”

Stilwell said he considered August to be Walmart’s “second Christmas.”

Wanda Corriher, co-owner of Mountaineer Mania, stocks up on merchandise and employs more staff specifically for move-in weekend.

“Since we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we do know that it increases profit,” Corriher said.

Our Daily Bread on King Street, had an approximate $1,500 to $1,800 increase in profit over move-in weekend, Chloe Crabtree, one of three managers of ODB, said.

“We’re definitely doing at least a grand more than the usual summer day,” she said. “I know that everyone is doing at least a grand more downtown.”

In addition to increased revenue, Crabtree said the tourism increase helped everyone who worked in Boone.

Wright Tilley, executive director of the Boone and Watauga County Tourism Development Authority, said most of the hotels in the Boone area are already booked for Appalachian events, including move-in and graduation weekend.

“I know several of the hotels were full, have been full for last night, tonight and tomorrow night,” Tilley said. “So, it definitely does have a positive impact.”

STORY: KATELYN BYNG, Intern News Reporter