Q’s Corner: No more guns



In Matthews, North Carolina, a Butler High School student was shot by another student on Monday morning. Matthews Police confirmed that the victim, an unnamed male, died after being rushed to the hospital. Police have the suspected shooter in custody. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent Clayton Wilcox said in a press conference that the shooting occurred after a disagreement between two students.

Thank God it wasn’t an “actual” school shooting. No, this was merely a “disagreement.” There’s no need to be alarmed! It’s just one person, which means, of course, there’s no need for anyone to pay attention to this incident.

Except, a kid died.

This one child was someone’s world. This one kid was someone’s son, brother, friend, etc. He had a whole future that was stolen from him by someone with a gun.

No more guns. There have been 35 school shootings in 2018 alone. Forty-one kids were murdered. Forty-one kids had their futures violently stripped from them. So no more guns. Get rid of all of them, the Second Amendment be damned. Your right to own a fancy toy doesn’t come before the lives of children.