SGA Cabinet: Isabella King

Leah Rogers, Reporter

Director of Sustainable Development

Isabella King 

Year: 2022

Major: Sustainable Development 

What inspired you to join Student Government? 

I was initially drawn in by just how much potential there was for student government to be the avenue for change I’d been looking for as a student and an activist. What sold me in the end was the opportunity that student government presented to positively impact the lives of my fellow students on and off campus, while getting to work alongside people who share my passions.

What drew you to your position? 

Sustainability is a passion of mine, which is why it’s my major, and the thought of being able to put into practice what I’m learning about in the classroom is what drew me to the position of director of sustainable development.

What is your biggest goal regarding SGA this year? 

It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I’d say my biggest goal for this year is to radically increase the amount of collaboration between sustainability-focused organizations on campus. There are so many passionate and talented people working towards the same goals here, and I think we could get a lot further working together rather than separately.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this academic year? 

I’m looking forward to getting concrete dates for App State’s carbon neutrality goals, strengthening the inter-organization communication, and utilizing my position to provide a voice for the students to the administration.