SGA seeks class break on Election Day

Stephanie Sansoucy

Appalachian State University’s Student Government Association is working toward getting students to the polls this coming Election Day after voting changes in Watauga County moved voting on campus from Plemmons Student Union to Legends.

One way SGA plans to do this is to try and cancel midday classes in order to allow students time to vote on Election Day.

Director of Government and Student Affairs Sarah Dickson said that SGA does not want students to be penalized for missing classes in order to vote.

SGA is still working with faculty in order to change class schedules and understands that the university may not be in favor because this was not presented at the end of last year, Dickson said.

“The point that we are trying to make is that we want to make sure that students are aware they can vote on Election Day and not be punished for doing so,” Dickson said.

Dickson said that she does think there will be times when the polls are crowded, such as the morning before classes start and during lunch time, but that having a midday gap would allow students to plan for a time to vote.

“We are not concentrated on a local battle between the board of elections, we are focused on making sure the students are registered to vote and are able to voice their concerns,” Dickson said. “We are not going to go away just because they move us.”

Vice Chancellor of Student Development Cindy Wallace said that while civic engagement and responsibility are a part of education, it is hard for the university to “abandon the academic mission.”

“I think that our provost in academic affairs believes in leaving the decision up to the individual faculty members,” Wallace said.