SGA to hold vote on representation reform

Chelsey Fisher

A vote will be held Tuesday on a constitutional amendment that would reform Student Government Association representation formatting.

Should the reform be instituted, it would be the first change in representation since 1967, said Director of Campus Outreach Dylan Russell.

The bill focuses on lessening double representation, Russell said.

It would allow SGA 80 senate seats and adds a new cabinet member to address spring elections.

Those seats include 12 for each undergraduate class, two for each of the seven academic colleges, as well as 18 other seats for communities such as Greek life, Club Council and transfer students.

Cone Residence Hall Representative Nicholas Smith was a sponsor of the bill.

Last year, Smith was a member of a two-person committee that put together a similar bill.

The bill passed SGA with overwhelming support, but failed to be implemented.

Smith said that last year’s bill was “very poorly done.”

“We only had two senators doing the research,” Smith said. 

This year is different. Smith said a committee of SGA members and leaders from clubs have been meeting “most Sundays since late September.”

Vice Chancellor of Student Development Cindy Wallace said she supports the bill’s “attempt to increase student representation and involvement.”

“There is no one right model among universities to do this,” she said. “The individuals who have worked on this legislation this fall have done a great job of being inclusive and soliciting feedback for many groups.”

Wallace said there is work to be done before the bill could be officially implemented, but said she is open to reform.

Story: JOSHUA FARMER, Senior News Reporter