Students criticize administration’s response to hate on campus


The Appalachian Online

Sammy Hanf

A group of students attended the Board of Trustees meeting Friday to deliver a letter criticizing Appalachian’s handling of displays of white nationalism.

The letter, signed by over 200 students, called for administration to make more resources available to support marginalized students.

Danica Lee, a senior biology major, said she hoped to have the board address the concerns addressed in the letter, which was delivered to the Student Development Committee by SGA President Anderson Clayton on Thursday.

John Blackburn, chair of the student development committee, said the letter raised complex and serious concerns and requested a copy so the board could respond.

Lee said the “#NoHateAppState” campaign fails to address the concerns of marginalized students, who need real support, not just a hashtag.

“There have been multiple instances of hate not only happening here but being manifested here as a direct result of lack of action from administration,” Lee said.

Megan Hayes, director of university communications, said administration has reached out to Clayton  and the students who signed the letter to have a dialogue around their concerns.

The letter was delivered to the board before they met in closed session.

Clayton said there is a lot of work to do going forward, but there are signs administration is willing to work towards supporting marginalized students. 

This story was updated with a statement from administration on September 26.


Story by; Sammy Hanf, News Editor