Super Bowl LII: Sports Desk Picks


Kickoff for Super Bowl LII is Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

Brooks Maynard, Reporter

It is that time of year again. Super Bowl Sunday has arrived for the 52nd time and it has everyone asking the same questions. Will Bill and Tom go home with a sixth ring? Or will Nick Foles and company shock the world and bring the city of Philadelphia its very first Super Bowl? Kickoff is tonight at 6:30 and our writers have made their picks!


Brooks Maynard, Editor



There is plenty of argument for the New England Patriots. Quarterback Tom Brady is perhaps the best ever to play the position and is on the hunt for his sixth Super Bowl ring. Head Coach Bill Belichick has a postseason record of 27-10 and has been a member of the coaching staff on seven world championship teams. However, with or without Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles have been tough to beat. Their defense finished fourth in the NFL in total defense this season, far above the Patriots at 29 and a good matchup for Eagles’ replacement quarterback Nick Foles, who threw for 352 yards and three touchdowns in the NFC championship game against a Vikings team that had the best defense in the league this season.


Silas Albright, Sports Reporter



Brady is going to win his sixth Super Bowl on Sunday night, and as much as I would like to say that Philadelphia has a chance, I just cannot see it. With Wentz, the Eagles chances at knocking off the greatest of all time, or ‘GOAT’, become slightly larger, but with Foles under center, the advantage lies even heavier with New England. Even though Foles has been nothing short of brilliant throughout this playoff run, any quarterback that is good enough to make an NFL roster is capable of getting hot. By the law of percentages, Foles must cool off at some point. I am betting that it will be Sunday during the biggest game of his life. Brady has been here and has done this on so many different occasions, and he has won it in every way possible. Whether it is a legendary comeback, a close game that ends with a classic Brady game-winning drive, or simply a dominant blowout, New England will repeat as Super Bowl champs.


Michael Pigg, Sports Reporter



There should be no discussion as to who the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League is, and after Sunday, if there are any doubters left, they will have run out of things to say. The Patriots are coming into the game as the favorites, and they should be. Look across the field and you see that they are going up against Eagles’ quarterback Foles. Foles has never been in a game of this magnitude, and it could get to him. I expect the Patriots to sit back and make Foles throw the ball, and this will end up leading to some interceptions for the Patriots. Brady will look dominant in the game, spreading the wealth while picking apart the Eagles’ defense, completing passes to Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and others. Predictions might say it will only be a six-point game, but the Patriots will be in control the whole time.


Chase Frick, Sports Reporter



Sunday will be the 52nd installment of the Super Bowl, matching the defending champions, the New England Patriots with the NFC champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia comes into the game with a trio of physical running backs, stellar lines, a more than capable secondary and a viable quarterback in Foles. With all these pluses on the side of the Eagles, it sounds insane to predict a Patriots win until you look at the glaring differences. The Patriots come into the game with arguably one of the most prolific tandems of all time in Brady and tight end, Gronkowski. On top of this, the Patriots enter the game with a solid overall team, one of the greatest coaches of all time, a proven system that works and a lot of Super Bowl experience. This will be an extremely competitive game all the way through, but it will end with Brady having the ball in his hands late. There is no player you would rather have the ball in this situation as he will lead the charge into field goal range for a Gostkowski field goal and a sixth Super Bowl ring for Brady and Belichick.


Garrett Wold, Sports Reporter



While I cannot give the Philadelphia Eagles enough credit for their hard work and all-around culture change this season, it hurts to say that I have to ride with the Patriots this year. I cannot in good conscience bet against Brady again. I have been burned too many times before. He is the league MVP again this season, Gronkowski is back and Wentz is out. There are just too many puzzle pieces in place. Despite my feelings, I think this will be a much closer game than the experts think. Foles is not one to be overlooked, and the Philadelphia defense has been one to fear all season. If they can properly defend the short ball, and somebody can somehow keep up with Gronk, it may be a tougher day for the Patriots than predicted. This will be a great football game regardless of the outcome, but at the end of the day, it is hard not to trust in Belichick and Brady.


Zack Antrum, Sports Reporter



Even though the Patriots always seem to defy the odds, their luck will run out on Super Bowl Sunday. The Eagles are going into the game knowing that they are the underdog despite their impressive playoff run, and they also know that they still have everything to prove. Foles will continue his hot streak and Jay Ajayi will also put in a strong rushing performance. The Eagles will prevent the Patriots from repeating as champions this season.