The Office of Sustainability adds winter clothing to Free Store

Emily Broyles, Reporter

To celebrate Campus Sustainability Month, App State’s Office of Sustainability is giving back and gearing up students for the upcoming winter.

Blake Hornsby, senior sustainable development major and sustainability ambassador, said it’s important to not only help those in need but to get materials that could be recycled out of the landfills. Hornsby said there’s no excuse to not help the planet and people at the same time.

The Free Store Roadshow has donated coats for students who need them and stored feminine products, books and printers in the sustainability office. The Free Store also has feminine products, books and printers. The sustainability office also has a food pantry for students facing food insecurity.

Nicholas Shanahan, sophomore sustainable development major and sustainability ambassador, said the Office of Sustainability is all about raising awareness for the store and pantry. He said most people don’t know that the free store and pantry is open to all students.

The Office of Sustainability believes going green can still be strengthened in the community.

“Sustainability is a bit more comprehensive than people understand. It’s not just physical material sustainability; it’s a lot of cultural and social responsibility as well,” Eric Halvarson, senior sustainable development major and sustainability ambassador, said. “I think that’s one of the things the office tries to educate people on.”

The Office of Sustainability will host another Free Store Roadshow on Wednesday.

Story by Emily Broyles 

Photo by Emily Broyles 

Featured photo caption: The Free Store Roadshow donates coats and other supplies to students in need. Another Free Store will be hosted by the Office of Sustainability on Wednesday.