Ticket sales for ASU versus ECU game ‘lowest’ in years

Anne Buie

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly refered to ticket sales, instead of student ticket sales. Ticket prices are also designated by the host team. The Appalachian apologizes for the error. 

Selling tickets to students for the East Carolina University versus Appalachian State game has been “unusual”, ASU Ticket Manager Steve White said.

“I set 600 [tickets] aside for students at the dedicated student sale we had for the ECU game and we only sold around 100 at that time,” White said. “We’ve sold some here and there but we still have a good bit left.”

The last ECU versus ASU game, in 2009, yielded over 500 ticket sales.

“This year with ECU being one of our biggest alumni bases we thought we would easily sell more student tickets,” White said.

White has worked at the ASU ticket office since 2006 and said this was the lowest ticket sales he’d ever seen among students.

However, ECU doesn’t seem to be having any trouble selling tickets, said Scott Wetherbee, ECU’s assistant athletic director for marketing and ticket operations.

Similar to ASU, ECU doesn’t make many accommodations for students traveling to away games.

“We will occasionally do a student bus trip to an away game that is put on by student life,” Wetherbee said.

But Whetherbee said there will not be a student bus this season.

ECU and ASU also have similar ticket policies when it comes to home games.

According to ecu.edu, any student with a current ECU student ID gets a free home game ticket.

Both schools’ away game ticket prices vary depending on the price set by the home team.

ASU is selling tickets to the ECU game for $50 dollars, according to goasu.com

The ASU versus ECU game takes place at noon Sept. 1.

Story: JORDAN DEVERE, Intern Sports Reporter