University releases athletes’ names

After months of hearings, three former football players, another student were found responsible and identitfied by the university

The university has chosen to release the names of four students recently found responsible for various sexual assault charges.

Edward Eugene Gainey, Gerald Dominique McDuffie, Tavone La’trell Spraggins and Justin Jonel Wray were found responsible by a student conduct board for sex offenses as defined under section 4.01g of the Code of Student Conduct and sexual misconduct as defined under section 4.02t of the code, said Hank Foreman, associate vice chancellor for university communications and cultural affairs. The sanction applied to Gainey, McDuffie, Spraggins and Wray was suspension for eight semesters, Foreman said in an email Thursday.

“Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, student conduct cases are considered part of a student’s education record and are private,” Foreman said. “However, the university is permitted to disclose the final results of a student conduct case in which a student is found responsible for a crime of violence or non-forcible sex offense.”

Gainey, McDuffie and Wray played on the Appalachian State University football team. Gainey was a defensive back, McDuffie was a defensive back and Wray was a linebacker.

Alex Miller, who brought charges against Gainey, responded to the university’s decision to release the names Thursday morning.

“It’s too late…they’ve been on campus this whole year,” Miller said. “People should have known who they were. It doesn’t matter anymore if they’re not allowed on campus. If I was still attending Appalachian, I would have wanted to know who they were when I was on campus. I would have felt safer knowing who could harm me, but now they’re already gone.”

Meagan Creed, who brought charges against Gainey, McDuffie, Spraggins and Wray, was more satisfied with the university’s decision.

“I think it’s good,” Creed said. “People need to know they’re dangerous.”

Story: ANNE BUIE, Senior News Reporter and MEGHAN FRICK, Associate Editor for Editorial Content

Editor’s note: Gainey, McDuffie, Spraggins and Wray have not yet responded to requests for comment. If comments from any of the students are received, The Appalachian will update this article online.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Gainey, McDuffie and Wray were currently listed on’s roster. The athletes are no longer listed as members of Appalachain State University’s football team. The Appalachian apologizes for the error.

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