24 SGA senators release statement on App State’s response to COVID-19

Jackie Park and Moss Brennan

App State’s Student Government Association Senators released a statement on the university’s response to COVID-19.

Though SGA is not currently in session due to the extended spring break, the senators listed wrote in the statement that they support decisions made by App State and the UNC System surrounding the coronavirus, and think this is a great time for their body to stay connected to App State students.

“We are concerned for the financial and physical stability, as well as housing accommodations for students, especially those that qualify as low-income or out of state, or those that rely on campus housing and dining facilities,” the statement read.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Devin Mullins said in a statement that a senator came to him wanting to release something that made students aware of campus resources and assure students that SGA senators were there for them. 

“Homelessness and food insecurity are a huge problem for many App students. This problem is intensified by the difficult decisions the school has made about the coronavirus,” Mullins said in a statement to The Appalachian. “If any student is fearful or struggling with displacement, access to food or shelter, or is experiencing a declining mental health because of the coronavirus, please reach out to anyone who signed our statement. It is times like these that give SGA a true purpose and make us so imperative for protecting students.” 

The statement went on to list contact information for resources like Hospitality House, the Hunger and Health Coalition and the App State food pantry.

Senators concluded the statement by letting App State students know they are resources to point any student toward the correct campus resources for problems they may face as a consequence of the new coronavirus.

“A student should never have to doubt their stability and wellbeing! SGA will always be a resource to those students,” the statement read. 

SGA could not pass an official statement since it is not in session, but Mullins said he and another Senator Gabbie Batzko drafted the statement and gave it to any senator who wished to align themselves with the statement as a chance to join as a signatory. 

“The fact that 24 senators signed on to continue being advocates for students through this confusing time shows, to me, the strength of the Student Senate as representatives for the student body,” Mullins said. 

Emails for all SGA senators can be found at sga.appstate.eduSGA