Your Vote Always Matters


Ricky Barker, Columnist

The 2020 election is coming and it may feel that our vote won’t make a difference because so many people are voting. This is faulty logic because North Carolina’s track record for elections is anything but straightforward.

North Carolina is a swing state, meaning that either party could win because the state is not historically loyal to Democrats or Republicans. North Carolina has voted for both Democrat and Republican presidents. However, one thing is certain, North Carolina presidential elections are alway very close.

Take the 2016 election: 46% of North Carolinians voted for the Democrat candidate and 49% voted Republican. You’re probably thinking that those percentages don’t add up, and you’re right, because 5% of people didn’t vote. Four percent could have changed the outcome of North Carolina’s electoral votes.

It was even closer during the 2008 election in which 49.7% voted Democrat, and 49.4%  voted for the Republican. The Democrats won by a 0.3% spread. Think about how this election could have changed had a couple thousand people voted. One vote can make all the difference in tight races like these.

It is likely that the 2020 election will be as contentious as past elections. Both sides will turn out in droves to get their candidate into the White House. But don’t let that discourage you from voting, because your voice matters now more than ever.  Whatever side you take, remember that your vote may determine the 2021 president.