How to attend your first App State football game


The student section at a football game last Fall at Appalachian State University. File photo | The Appalachian

Cory Spiers

So, you’ve settled on Appalachian State for college, and chances are you’ve heard a lot about the football team.

The Mountaineers, led by Jerry Moore when the team still participated in Southern Conference play, won three-consecutive FCS National Championships from 2005-07 and left a lasting impact on the 2007 season with a road victory over the  fifth-ranked Michigan Wolverines.

The student section at a football game last Fall at Appalachian State University.
The student section at a football game last Fall at Appalachian State University. File Photo  |  The Appalachian

I’m here to tell you, going to a game isn’t all that hard. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind before you head to The Rock.

Get a large group together

Games are always more fun when you have a few buddies with you. Whether it’s some people from the floor of your residence hall, or some folks visiting from out of town, few things are a better good time for a group than an App State football game. Assemble your friends and get pumped up for the game.



If you don’t have a spot, just stay in the residence hall and have some soda and listen to whatever music pumps you up for the game. Do it.

When you head to the stadium for the game, make sure to leave pretty early. The student section fills up very quickly, so if you want prime location in the bleachers, or any location at all, you should plan to arrive at least a couple hours before the scheduled kickoff time.

Arriving early will ensure you get a spot, but remember to dress smart.

Dress appropriately

Sure, there are the brave souls who decide to wear no shirt to games played in freezing temperatures, but if you choose comfort over audacity, you should always check the weather before the game and come bundled up and prepared for anything.

The first couple games of the year are generally very pleasant and mild, with temperatures usually reaching between 50 and 65 degrees, but once October begins to grow old, things change drastically.

Basically, prepare for the cold. It’s always better to have too many layers and be forced to remove them than to be cold and not enjoy the game.

In addition to the cold, keep in mind that it can start raining at seemingly any time in Boone. And with the cold, that means snow can creep up, too. It never hurts to bring a rain jacket to the game and maybe some warm, waterproof shoes or boots.

Be loud

Above all, enjoy the game. The Rock is a truly special place to catch a football game, and to have the chance to do so for free every Saturday is an incredible gift. Cherish and respect it by kindly donating your voice to the cause.

Nestled in the mountains of the west side of campus, you have likely never experienced such an atmosphere. The stadium is also small enough to give off an intimate vibe to the game, but large enough to house enough App State fans to make things very difficult for the opposition.
There are snacks and drinks available at the game, but do yourself a favor and don’t miss a second of the action, particularly in your first game.

With App State’s move up to the big boy FBS beginning this season, there’s never been a more exciting time to witness App State football in person.

So bundle up, nourish yourself before the game and get ready to get loud. Ensuring folks hear you in Charlotte is the final step in making sure your App State football experience is remembered forever.

Story: Cory Spiers