Residents of the Cottages say complex is “too expensive for what you actually get”

Anna Muckenfuss, Appalachian Weekly News Producer

Some residents at The Cottages of Boone are experiencing poor maintenance after their units have holes that have gone unrepaired for several weeks. The units set the standard for “upscale living,” according to the complex’s website.

Chris Wagstaff said he chose to move into the Cottages because the units looked nice from the outside and the Google reviews assured him it was one of the safer options in Boone. Wagstaff moved into the Cottages in January 2018.

“It’s too expensive for what you actually get,” Wagstaff said.

Wagstaff said a leak started in his unit’s kitchen, traveled to the bottom floor and created holes in the ceiling and a bug problem.

“We contacted the maintenance and they came in, and they ripped a relatively large hole in our ceiling, and they just left it,” Wagstaff said.

Wagstaff said management tried to blame the hole on him and his roommates.

“When they figured that they couldn’t bill us for it, they sent someone within the next two days and now it’s leaking again,” Wagstaff said.

Mackenzie Foust, senior biology major and a former resident of the Cottages, said she had a similar problem in her unit after discovering a dripping sound.

“There was a small wet spot. You could see where the ceiling was bowing in,” Foust said. “We called them, and they cut the first hole which was about 3 feet wide.”

Foust said that she and her roommates thought their problems were over, but the dripping sound returned.

“We called them back out, they cut an even larger hole, that one was 5-6 feet wide,” Foust said. “They left the hole for like a month. It took them six weeks to come in and close it back up.”

Foust moved out of the Cottages in June and said anyone interested in living at the Cottages should be careful.

“I see a lot of people on (the Facebook page App State) classifieds. Some have good experiences, but there’s still bad stuff happening,” Foust said.

The Cottages’ management could not be reached for a comment.