After 15 seconds of fame, it’s time to forget about Davis


The Appalachian Online


I’m sick and tired of hearing about Kim Davis. I’m sick of hearing about someone who never should’ve gotten the media attention that she has been allowed in the first place.

For any of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, Kim Davis is a Kentucky clerk in Rowan County who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Eventually, she began to deny marriage licenses to all couples, which led to a lawsuit that she lost.

She was ordered to resume issuing licenses to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. However, she refused and was promptly jailed for her refusal to follow a court order.

She still, however, in an act of defiance, has refused to sign the licenses that are being distributed by her department. This lack of signature may be at odds with Kentucky laws, which may invalidate these licenses.

In response to this, the Governor of Kentucky has declared that these licenses are, in fact, valid and they will be recognized.

That should have been the end of this inane debacle. But Davis, who seems to be enjoying her current 15 seconds of fame, is hoping to extend it by coming out with claims of people calling her “Hitler” and “homophobe.”

I don’t doubt that she has been pinned to these slurs, both of them are common insults thrown at those who act like her. However, how is this pertinent at all? Honestly, why was she ever pertinent in the first place?

In the wake of the Supreme Court, ruling matters such as this should have been handled quickly and efficiently. Instead, media attention was given to this woman, allowing her to become a sort of martyr for those who oppose the ruling.

I understand that everyone has their opinion, and Kim Davis is certainly entitled to hers, but she is a publicly elected official. She, of all people, should understand that despite these opinions, she has a duty to uphold.

Now, I know that people enjoy a good scandal; they enjoy a juicy piece of gossip that they can talk about, and the Kim Davis story provides that. But do we have to continue to give her media attention long after her story stops developing?

What’s ironic about Davis is that she’s been married four times, yet she opposes homosexual marriage because she says that in her eyes it violates the sanctity of marriage.

After her release from jail, she was brought out to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor (think “Rocky III”) by Mike Huckabee. The band Survivor is currently threatening the pair for their illicit use of the song. So, despite her 15 seconds of fame, Davis may be getting what she deserves with a fine for copyright infringement.

Kim Davis will eventually pass out of the public eye at some point in time; such is the nature of people in her position.

Russell, a freshman Journalism major from Charlotte, is an opinion writer.