App State professor and Dexter author teaches new first year seminar


Hilary Hemingway

Honors College professor Jeff Lindsay is the author of New York Times best selling series ‘Dexter,’ and is teaching a new honors first year seminar that studies anti-heroes in literature.

Marlen Cardenas, Reporter

“I have practical experience with anti-heroes,” Jeff Lindsay, Honors College professor said. “I created one.”

Lindsay is a New York Times bestselling author known for his Dexter book series, which inspired the Showtime/CBS series that ran for eight seasons. Lindsay is bringing his talents to his new honors first year seminar called, “The Anti-Hero in American Movies & TV.”

Lindsay is a new professor, and his class is not trying to teach students something specific, but rather to approach things, and that is something students will keep forever.

“I watched how (Dexter) was marketed and how it was put across. I watched what parts of it worked and what didn’t,” Lindsay said. 

The seminar is discussion-based and teaches students analytical, expository and creative skills. 

“Professor Lindsay is already one of my favorite professors,” freshman political science major Alexander Castillo said. 

Castillo said he decided to take Lindsay’s seminar because he is a film geek but was unaware of his professor’s popular background.

 “I was shocked,” Castillo said. “I can’t wait to see where this class takes me.”

Lindsay has taught classes before and enjoys giving back to his students. He said he has a lot of information he would like to pass on.

Jefford Vahlbusch, dean of the Honors College, said Lindsay’s seminar is an enriching and extraordinary opportunity for students.

“We are very excited to have him here, and it just makes all of us happy to really be finding ways within the Honors College to provide our students with exceptional opportunities,” Vahlbusch said. “We are always looking for great faculty from across the university from every department and every college.”

Even with Lindsay’s success, he doesn’t let it get to his head. 

“I have three daughters, so I’m in no danger of thinking too much of myself,” Lindsay said. 

While Lindsay is a newcomer to App State, he is no stranger to the mountains. He attended Middlebury College in Vermont and got his bachelor’s degree in creative writing and literature.

 “I got up to Middlebury, and everyone had rosy cheeks and they were walking around outside even though it was like 10 degrees, and smiling and shouting ‘Hey, how are ya? You’re gonna love it here, blah blah blah,’ and I just thought, ‘this is where I belong,’” Lindsay said. “I got that same kind of feeling here that it’s like a slightly larger version of Middlebury.”

Being an author won’t get in the way of teaching his seminar, except for missing a couple of classes for a book tour, Lindsay said. 

“I have a new book that has been in the tubes forever,” Lindsay said. “It’s called ‘Just Watch Me,’ and it’s a brand new anti-hero.” 

‘Just Watch Me’ comes out Dec. 3.