App State student hit in car chase that ended in crash on King Street


Moss Brennan, Reporter

This story has been updated with information from the Boone Police Facebook page. 

The Watauga County Sheriff’s Office had a high speed chase end in a crash at the intersection of Hardin and King streets late Wednesday night.

“The car chase came into the city limits. He crashed right here at this intersection, three cars. Nobody went to the hospital,” Cpl. Joe Knapp of Boone Police said.

Knapp said the car chase was coming in from somewhere in Tennessee.

One App State student was in his car waiting to turn right when the car in the chase drifted across the intersection, hit the Jeep in front of him, ricocheted off of it and hit his truck, and went off the road.

“I just kind of saw it coming, so I just tried to brace as hard as I could for impact,” senior industrial design major Noah Howells said. “Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but my airbags deployed.”

Howells said he was fine and that his car was drivable, but would need work.

“The driver has got a bunch of pending charges with the sheriff’s department and the city police department for the wreck,” Knapp said. “That’s all we know.”

Boone Police wrote in a Facebook post that they “provided mutual aid assistance” and attempted to stop the vehicle using stop sticks which the suspect vehicle avoided.

“Thankfully only property damage was reported and was limited to privately owned vehicles,” Boone Police wrote in the Facebook post. “No civilians or officers were injured and the suspect is in custody.”

This story will be updated when the Sheriffs Office opens in the morning.