Appalachian State student forced out of residence due to flood damage

Andrew Clausen

Heavy rain in Boone Wednesday forced at least one Appalachian State University student out of her home.

Brittany Johnson, a senior public relations major, received a substantial amount of damage to her Boone apartment.

“Wednesday night I arrived at my apartment after work to at least 2-4 inches of standing water in my studio apartment,” Johnson said. “Thankfully, there were not many items affected by the water damage.”

Johnson said that her textbooks and a few personal items took the brunt of the damage.

“The next day, the floor in my apartment was already starting to warp,” Johnson said.

“Because of the water damage, I was allowed to break my lease and that same day I found a new apartment,” Johnson said. “I got really lucky because I was able to move in right away. On Friday, two of my best friends and I moved my stuff to my new apartment in the snow and 15-degree weather. If it were not for my amazing friends, I would not have been able to get through this.”

Johnson said she was happy to be rid of her lease agreement.

“This flood was a blessing in disguise,” Johnson said. “This realty company, as well as the owner of the unit, have been a nightmare since I moved in. In August, there was extensive mold in the unit.  I am thankful that I was able to get out of my unit with little damage and that I am safe.”

“My thoughts go out to all that lost so much in this terrible weather disaster,” Johnson said.

Patrol Commander Captain Jim Wilson of the Boone Police Department said that they are looking into an assessment of the damage in Boone, but that they have no final number for cost of damage yet.

Story: NINE MASTANDREA, Intern News Reporter