Appalachian State University holds campus-wide Hunger Games

Joshua Farmer

The second annual Appalachian Hunger Games will take place Saturday, March 23 on Duck Pond Field at 2 p.m.

Participants, called tributes, will be chosen at a ceremony called the Reaping – an event that takes place in the novel “The Hunger Games” – March 6. Proceeds from the games will benefit Watauga County’s Hospitality House.

“Hunger and poverty are huge problems in Watauga County,” said Chris Criqui, a junior sustainable development major and a leader in this year’s program.

Just over 26 percent of Watauga County officially lives below the poverty level, according to

“By using something that is really prevalent in popular culture, we can grab people’s attention and raise awareness of this serious issue,” Criqui said.

The first Hunger Games, held last year, was limited only to Coltrane Residence Hall.
“I was really excited when [I was told] that it would be held campus-wide this year,” said Jordan Hester, a volunteer in the Hunger Games and a junior health care management major.

The Hunger Games will abide by many of the same rules and regulations that Suzanne Collins, author of “The Hunger Games,” created in her New York Times Best Seller.

“Each residence hall will be allowed one tribute in the games, plus there will be an off-campus tribute,” Criqui said. “In order for a student to be chosen to represent his or her dorm, they must donate [at least] five canned food items.”

The process in which students’ names are entered into the Games is similar to the book, as well.
“Every five cans equals one entry into the Games, so the more cans someone donates, the more times their name is entered, and the more likely it is they will be chosen as tribute,” Criqui said.

Once all tributes have been chosen, they will compete at Duck Pond Field.

“Each tribute will be equipped with a balloon, a flag football belt and a white T-shirt,” Criqui said.

Criqui said the belt must be pulled off, the balloon must be popped, and the t-shirt must be marked on by sharpies that players can find throughout Duck Pond Field.

“The last tribute standing with one of these items intact will be crowned the winner,” he said.

The goal is to collect 1,000 cans, Criqui said. So far, 420 cans have been donated.

“Everyone is welcome to donate cans, even if they don’t want to compete,” Criqui said. “Cans can be donated in someone else’s name, with their permission or just toward your residence hall.”

Currently Justice is in first, following closely behind is Frank and then the LLC.

Collection sites for cans are in Trivette Market on Mondays and Tuesdays and on the first floor of Plemmons Student Union Wednesday through Friday.

Story: NINA MASTANDREA, Intern News Reporter