ARHS employee tests positive for COVID-19

Moss Brennan, Reporter

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System was notified by AppHealthCare Wednesday that an ARHS employee, who recently traveled, tested positive for  COVID-19.

The employee did not provide direct patient care and has been in quarantine. The employee is currently recovering at home.

ARHS said in a press release that it has been working with the health department to identify other staff who may have been in contact with the employee who tested positive. Each of those employees has also self-quarantined.

“As a healthcare organization operating in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, we take very seriously our commitment to preserving protected health information and respecting the privacy of individuals infected by the virus,” said Rob Hudspeth, senior vice president for ARHS.

ARHS said it will continue to work closely with AppHealthCare and local, state and national health officials to ensure it is taking the strongest possible precautions to keep employees and patients safe.