ASUnity debuts with low numbers

Joshua Farmer

The Residential Learning Community ASUnity, approved September 2012, failed to reach the intended number of returning students stated in their agreement with University Housing.

“Part of the agreement with us was that they were going to come up with 32 returning students to live on the floor, and they found eight,” said Tom Kane, director of Housing and Residence Life.

The RLC planned to have 40 members, 32 returning students and eight freshmen, Kane said.

Interim Coordinator of Academic Initiatives & Residential Learning Communities Kim Reece said that meetings would be held next week with the leadership board for ASUnity in hopes to reach a resolution to the matter.

Reece said the group has not truly sat down as a whole, and when they do they will look at all avenues because they want to keep the RLC.

Reece said that there was a high expectation for the interest in the community and that hopefully the decision reached is positive.

The learning community is geared toward members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community as well as allies, according to a Sept. 30, 2012 article in The Appalachian.

Freshman psychology major Elizabeth Tate is one of the eight students that signed up to live in ASUnity next year. Tate said her and her friends, who also signed up for ASUnity, found out about the RLC through SAGA and the LGBT Center.

“I hope the beds are filled up because otherwise we aren’t going to be entirely sure who is going to be there, and there may be people who are not entirely friendly to the LGBT community or social justice issues, and that could end really badly,” Tate said.

Tate said she thinks that because ASUnity is an RLC, upperclassmen may not have been aware that they could sign up for it.

“I’d be really disappointed if it didn’t work out,” Tate said. “But I think that even if it’s the same people that I know that are living on the same floor, it will kind of become ASUnity anyway just because of the way we are and the type of people we seem to attract.”

Story: STEPHANIE SANSOUCY, Senior News Reporter