Bestselling author to speak at student-held New Economy Summit

Michelle Pierce

Professor of sociology at Boston College and bestselling author Juliet Schor will be a guest endnote speaker at Appalachian State’s New Economy Summit Friday.

Schor was invited to speak through the New Economic Institute by three of Appalachian’s students, Joelle Justiz, Maureen Jackson and Ben Loomis.

The students received a grant from the institute to host the New Economy Summit after submitting a proposal earlier this year. Afterward, the organization contacted them and informed them that Schor was traveling to different universities.

“Schor will focus on collaborative consumption and the four pillars that are found in her new book, ‘Plenitude,'” said Joelle Justiz, a senior sociology major.

Justiz, Jackson and Loomis said they challenge the student body to answer a question that might affect every individual in the future.

“If the system collapses, can you take care of yourself?” Justiz said.

Although Schor is an author that many in the sustainable development field have read and studied, her visit will give students in all departments the chance to gain more insight on her views on creating a more sustainable economy through “applicable” methods.

“I hope to introduce Juliet Schor to a broader audience,” Jackson said. “Her analysis is relevant to students across all disciplines and community members, not just students of sustainable development.”

Along with answering direct questions from students, Schor will be reading highlighted exerts from her book, “Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth.”

“Her most recent book is especially important for students because Schor shows why we need to change our economic system for the good of most people, and how that is possible now,” said Cynthia Wood, professor in the University College and the faculty advisor for Justiz, Jackson and Loomis.

The event will be held in the Solarium at Plemmons Student Union at 5 p.m.

Story: MICHELLE PIERCE, Intern News Reporter