Board of trustees votes to raise fees by a total of $252


Moss Brennan, Reporter

The App State board of trustees voted Friday to raise Miscellaneous Service Fees for the 2019-20 academic year.

The following fees were raised:

  • Board/meal plans: increase from $2,714 to $2,794
  • Room/housing: increase from $4,470  to $4,620
  • Textbook rental: increase from $288 to $300
  • Transportation: increase from $150 to $160

The total increase to the Miscellaneous Service Fees is $252, raising the fees to $8,150.

The board of governors approved a $36 total increase in athletics and student activities fees on March 22, which brings student fee increases to $288 for the 2019-20 academic year.

The room/housing increase will support an increase in labor, operating and maintenance costs and “projected capital renewal expenditures to existing residence halls,” according to the Miscellaneous Student Fees proposal.

Capital renewal expenses are the costs associated with replacing old building subsystems like roofs and electrical systems.

“As we build the new housing, we want to have upgrades to the existing housing too, so that they’re closer in status and value and amenities,” Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Paul Forte said. “So, really in repair and maintenance like rugs and carpets and things like that that have aged.”

Forte said the $10 increase for textbook rentals is to provide more digital content.

“We think that’s the way the industry is going,” Forte said.

Student Body President DeJon Milbourne is the student representative on the board of trustees. He said students have no say regarding a lot of what was decided.

“I don’t know if there’s a lot of student perspective because there’s not a lot of student input,” Milbourne said. “If anything, we want to talk about trying to have some say in those conversations.”

Milbourne said when students are in a board of trustees meeting with him he can relay their concerns more effectively manner.

“It’s one thing for me to say, ‘This is a problem,’ or ‘This is how we want to see these funds directed,’ but it’s another thing when students are actually here,” Milbourne said.

The board of trustees will meet next on June 20 and 21 at App State.

Sports editor Brooks Maynard contributed reporting for this story.