Boone police and businesses prepare for football games

When the university home game days arrive, the Boone Police Department adjusts their standard procedures to accommodate for the influx of people, Boone Patrol Officer Ray Blevins said.

“Typically in the morning, we have officers putting up road barriers in specific areas such as Hemlock and Stadium Drive,” Blevins said. “Along with that, we set up alcohol prohibition signs in certain tailgating parking lots so citizens are aware of where they are allowed and not allowed drink.”

Boone Police officers also increase their presence on foot patrols and bike patrols, so more officers are working that day, Blevins said.

The University Police employ a few extra officers to cover more ground, Blevins said.

“After the game lets out, one exciting thing that we get to do is have officers at certain intersections controlling the traffic lights to help the flow of traffic,” Blevins said. “Especially on Kings Street and Hardin Street, we allow the traffic go longer than usual.”

But police aren’t the only organizations affected.

Local business Anna Banana’s specializes their store for game day customers, Megan Ternes, Publicist of Anna Banana’s said.

“We like to pull black and gold clothing from the racks and make a mountaineer display so fans and shoppers can represent ASU for less,” Ternes said. “We keep the music upbeat and the energy high to get everyone pumped up for the game.”

Bill Corriher, owner of local business Mountaineer Mania, said he prepares his store for home game days six months in advance.

“We look up the football schedule early in the spring, so we can purchase our merchandise according to either September or November weather games,” Corriher said.

Mountaineer Mania especially pays attention and prepares merchandise for the Homecoming game date, Corriher said.

“Also, we have an extra cash register open and make sure to hire employees that don’t mind working on football game days,” Corriher said.


Story: KASI MITCHELL, Intern News Reporter