Boone Police Department addresses traffic congestion on Blowing Rock Road


Ethan Hunt, Reporter

The Boone Police Department is asking for the public’s help in eliminating traffic congestion on Blowing Rock Road, 

 In a statement Sept. 21, Police said customers of several popular eating and coffee establishments  attempting to enter the parking lots and the drive thrus are causing the traffic jams. 

Students have noticed the congestion. Jessica Sedotto, a sophomore dietetics major, said it’s hard to leave her residence at the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall, located on the busy road. 

“Turning left out of the parking lot is awful,” Sedotto said.“I’ve seen people turn left into the turning lane and then try to merge into the straight traffic.” 

Boone PD warned drivers that traffic can cause crashes and lead to road rage incidents.  They urge drivers who notice traffic backing up to be aware of their fellow traveler and to either consider going to another business or park elsewhere and walk to their desired destination.

“Boone Police Department will be working together with these businesses to help keep traffic moving. Officers will also be monitoring the flow of traffic,” according to a statement from the department. 

The department also said it will place signs in various locations encouraging travelers not to impede the flow of traffic.