Boone police investigating incidents involving man allegedly posing as Uber driver


Staff Reports

BOONE — The Boone Police Department is conducting an investigation into a series of incidents involving a man in his mid-30s who has been allegedly posing as an Uber driver the past several weeks, Boone Police reported on Thursday.

The alleged posing Uber driver allegedly assaulted an Uber customer on Sept. 24. According to Boone Police reports, the reporting victim and her friends described the man as being of Middle Eastern descent and driving a gray Toyota Camry.

According to a Boone Police press release, another incident was reported of a man posing as an Uber driver acting suspiciously toward an Uber customer. According to the report, the customer realized that they had the wrong driver and exited the vehicle. The Uber customer described the driver as a male of Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent driving a gray Toyota Camry with a Florida license plate.

On Nov. 1 it was reported that the actual Uber driver from the Oct. 6 incident saw the same gray Toyota Camry traveling up and down West King Street and stopping in front of populated bars, without picking up any riders.

In an email from Appalachian State to students, the university said that in order to identify an Uber driver, riders should tap the bar on the Uber app that includes the driver’s name, photo and vehicle. The university also asked that riders match the license plate number with the one listed on the app.

Also in the email, the university said that anyone with information regarding a crime is encouraged to call University Police at (828) 262-2150.

Boone Police said that anyone with information on this crime or any other crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (828) 268-6959 or (828) 737-0125. The Boone Police Department can be contacted at (828) 268-6900.