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    Kathleen Campbell, Member, Board of ElectionsOct 25, 2014 at 11:53 am

    I think Nicole did a great job on this article, but my quoted comments might be confusing to people. We spoke twice and the second time was right after the State Supreme Court’s confusing ruling, which I first thought meant that our efforts to get a polling site at the SU had been shot down. So, I was very depressed when she called me at that moment. Shortly thereafter, we found out that wasn’t true and that we would still be able to have a site at the Student Union, as long as the State Board of Elections (which, due to the ruling, again has the power) allowed us to. There will also have to be another hearing (after the election sometime) in front of the Appeals Court, as I understand it. So, this ruling has helped (so far) in this election to get the site at the Student Union, but, for 2016. this battle may have to be fought all over again. So it’s really important for students to get out and vote where-ever, but at the SU especially – to show that, if given a reasonably-located site to vote in, they will vote!

    Voting should be a right not a privilege only for those who cars and/or lots of time to vote. Please fight back against voter suppression by voting for people running for office who do not engage in it or support it. One more thing –please remember that you can vote during early voting i(all next week and Saturday) in any of the sites in the county, but if you wait until Election Day you have to vote in your own precinct or your vote won’t count!

    This election is very important, even though it’s not a Presidential election. Senators and Representatives who will control things such as whether or not students pay a high interest rate for their student loans, whether we keep Social Security and Medicare intact for our Seniors, whether we attempt to do something about Global Warming and whether we allow fracking and many other things. We also need good and fair judges. So, please VOTE!