Cassidy Andrews: Magical Fashion


Mericlaire Williams

Cassidy Andrews creates looks by combining her loves for  magic and nature.

Andrews, sophomore commercial photography major, has a bright and animated style she shows through fashion.

Andrews’ wardrobe is inspired by shows like “Powerpuff Girls” and “Winx Club.” She adds accessories like butterfly earrings, bright glitter and butterfly stickers to her outfits to combine elements of nature and magic. She directly copies the colors and “cuteness” from cartoon characters like Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup from the Powerpuff girls into her fashion. The characters she channels brighten her mood.

“I don’t even feel like a human half of the time. I want to be something else,” Andrews said.

Andrews said she does not mind people’s stares and even takes them as a challenge to invite more people to notice her bold looks.

“It was really transformative when I realized I could use fashion as an art,” Andrews said.

Andrews’ mood drives her two styles, which she calls “scary” and “cheery.” The weather affects her emotions, so when the weather is gloomy, she is drawn to darker colors. On sunny days, she overloads her outfits with color.

Andrews has always had an interest in fashion, but since coming to college, she said she has learned to involve her personality. Andrews’ fashion has always been bold, but now it is an art platform for her.

“(Fashion) gives me an outlet to express myself and what I’m feeling, and it allows me to not feel so consumed by my emotions by putting it outwards to others,” Andrews said.