College Democrats host ‘Month of Issues’

Chelsey Fisher

The university’s College Democrats are hosting ‘Month of Issues’, where students are invited to share their views, ask questions about candidates and find out the Democratic Party’s position on various issues, College Democrats President Lia Poteet said.

The Month of Issues will either be held on Sanford Mall or at a contact table in the Plemmons Student Union from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. every weekday, Poteet said.

“Students are the most underrepresented demographic in voting, which is a shame because issues, such as healthcare, affect them the most,” Poteet said.

Poteet said each week will focus on one issue.

“The past week we focused on LGBT and equality issues,” Poteet said.”Next week’s topic is environment and sustainability, then we’ll have healthcare, women’s week, and education and student issues.”

Emily Lawrence, member of the College Democrats, said they chose to have a month of events up until voting begins so “it’ll be fresh in everyone’s minds.”

For the upcoming environment week, the College Democrats will be giving out cookies that were made in a solar oven, and for health care week, giving out free band aids, Lawrence said.

For women’s issues week, they will be working with the Appalachian’s Women’s Center, handing out literature and free cupcakes with condoms in the wrapper on top of the frosting, Lawrence said.

This will “draw attention” and get people asking why there are cupcakes and condoms, and that will initiate more discussion on issues, Lawrence said.

College Democrats Vice President John Secrest is on the education issues week committee.

“The election was decided last year by 14,000 votes and that’s less than the population here at Appalachian,” Secrest said. “If students realize just what a small margin that was, they’ll be more encouraged to participate in the election.”

Story: KASI MITCHELL, News Reporter