Couple leaves university to travel, join Peace Corps

After 13 years of working at the University, David Hutchinson, “Hutch,” and Shari Galiardi left Monday, their 12th wedding anniversary, to travel for 15 to 18 months.

Currently, they are making their way to Michigan to visit family.

“We found that we are happiest when we’re traveling,” Galiardi, who was the director of Service-Learning, said.

Hutchinson, who was the coordinator for Outdoor Programs, said leaving is “bittersweet.”

“There’s been so many great opportunities here at App for us and we’ve met so many good friends” Hutchinson said. “It’s hard to leave because of those people.”

At the same time, Hutchinson said leaving is exciting because they get to live the sustainable values they’ve taught.

Both Galiardi and Hutchinson renovated a 1957 Sportcraft Camper trailer that runs on solar power, which along with a 1999 Nissan Frontier truck, will serve as their home.

After traveling, the couple hope to serve in the Peace Corps, which is a 27 month commitment.

Editor’s Note: A full feature article will be published in the Sept. 11 edition


Story: KELLI STRAKA, News Editor