David Wolf: Outside the box

Mericlaire Williams, A&C Columnist

David Wolf has used his personal style to become confident in his sexuality and challenge masculinity.

Wolf, sophomore communication studies major, is living his life freely through fashion by breaking the constraints he previously applied to himself.

No matter how much prepster clothing Wolf bought to fit in with his high school peers, it never seemed to work. He attributes that feeling to a lack of confidence.

“What’s the point of fitting in if I never feel like I’m going to?” Wolf said.

Wolf said he walked around the University of South Carolina, where he previously attended, and thought everyone dressed the same. He said while there, he didn’t want to stand out through fashion, and he didn’t want to repeat his high school experiences. After battling to fit in, he said he finally realized it’s more important to stand out.

“I just need to follow my own path,” Wolf said.

When Wolf came to App State, he became more confident in his sexuality. He said he realized he no longer wanted to live inside a box. In the past year, he has learned that other people’s opinion of what’s cool shouldn’t affect his own ideas.

“Do what you think is cool. Don’t let others decide for you,” Wolf said.

Wolf has achieved a monochromatic style, and he compares it to what his parents wore to college in the ‘90s. His fashion includes brown tones with pops of color to stand out. Wolf said he still has much to learn about his style. It’s changing, but he never leaves the house feeling uncomfortable in what he’s wearing anymore.

“You lose all sense of your identity when you don’t express yourself,” Wolf said.