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    MuChaoNov 20, 2023 at 5:41 am

    If you don’t want gen-ed classes, then maybe you should have not gone to a 4-year liberal arts school and instead attended 2-year community college program for your gen-ed requirements since it’s way cheaper, or simply gone to a trade school? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    (^Note: this comment is not to degrade in any way community colleges nor trade schools; if anything, they should both be more promoted and supported!)

    If the US were like any other advanced/wealthy nation, we’d be providing publicly-funded, free higher-ed so that *everyone* may benefit from “expanding one’s mind” regardless of means, rather than having students coming in wanting nothing more than a piece of paper so that they might get a job, i.e. a degree-mill. The notion that college should just be about getting a job and that the university should cater to every student and their individual desires is truly depressing. This attitude only further feeds the idea of college as just another financial exchange: $$$ = degree. It erodes the underlying core principles of education, which you so dismissively stated: “no reason behind it other than opening one’s mind,” as if that’s a bad thing…

    The $8k figure you cited is tuition *and* fees, this is a very important oversight. Tuition is only about half of the cost. If costs are of a concern to you, you ought to turn your attention to the costs associated with some of the student fees that are making university more of a theme park, than an educational institution. Don’t forget that just over 12.5% of that $8,000 total that you listed is going to subsidize the financial losses incurred by Athletics. In a student’s 4-year stint at App, they will pay over $4,000 just in financial subsidies for Athletics, the equivalent to a full year’s tuition (go look at your receipts)!

    At least gen-ed is central to the actual mission and underlying principles of the university: education.