Dive into campaign finance data for key races in North Carolina and Watauga County


Moss Brennan and Abi Pepin

This information is based on data that was reported over the last few days on Follow the Money and has since been updated by the NIMP.

North Carolina has seen large political donations for the 2019-20 election cycle. Politicians in North Carolina have raised $178,610,577, according to the National Institute on Money in Politics.

NIMP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes accountable democracy by compiling comprehensive campaign-donor, lobbyist and other information from government disclosure agencies nationwide and making it freely available at FollowTheMoney.org.

The Senate race has dominated the total, with over $70,572,265 raised.

Here are more campaign finance details on Watauga County’s local and federal representatives, and the race for governor and lieutenant governor. 


5th Congressional District

In 2018, David Wilson Brown raised $128,349, which is almost $100,000 more than he raised during the current election cycle. Brown’s top donor is John Cotham, who donated $5,700. In comparison, in 2018, Virginia Foxx raised $2,321,716, about double of what she raised this year. Foxx’s top donor is American Bankers Association, which donated $72,000.

U.S. Senate

Cal Cunningham has raised about $5,370,217 during the current election cycle, while his opponent, Thom Tillis has raised $20,750,285. Cunningham’s top donor is the U.S. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which has donated $49,600. Tillis’ top donor is the Thom Tillis North Carolina Victory Committee 2020, which has donated $424,092.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor



Gov. Roy Cooper has run in eight races for public office, raising a total of $50,185,493. Cooper raised the most money, $24,418,706, in 2016, while he has raised about $6 million less during this current election cycle. Cooper’s top donor is the North Carolina Democratic Party, which has donated $5,370,217. Cooper’s opponent, Dan Forest has raised $9,845,672 while running for public office three times. Forest has raised the most during this election cycle at $6,829,537. Forest’s top donor is the North Carolina Republican Council of State Committee. 

Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson has raised $400,423, while his opponent, Yvonne Lewis Holley, has raised $354,153. Robinson’s top donor is Edwin Frost, who donated $6,000. Holley’s top donor is the North Carolina Democratic Leadership Committee, which donated $100,000.

North Carolina State and House 

North Carolina House of Representatives District 93

Ray Russell has run in two races for public office, raising a total of $669,924. Russell’s top donor is the North Carolina Democratic Party, which has donated $308,418. In comparison, Russell’s opponent, Ray Pickett has raised a total of $11,900 this election cycle. Pickett’s top donor is the Timothy Keith Moore Campaign Committee, which has donated $5,400.

North Carolina State Senate District 45

Deanna Ballard has run in three races for public office, raising a total of $291,225 and $33,472 during this election cycle. Ballard’s top donor is the North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus, which has donated $20,655. Ballard’s opponent, Jeanne Supin has raised a total of $56,372. Supin ran for U.S. House District 5, raising $46,258, but withdrew from the race and changed it to run for state Senate in December. Now, Supin has raised $10,116 for her current race. Supin is her own top donor, donating $6,354.

More information on top donors can be found here